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Create Bulma templates in minutes.

An online editor for Bulma CSS with a simple, intuitive drag & drop interface and 170+ ready-made UI components.

The first truly advanced editor for Bulma.

Drag & drop. Customize. Improve in your favorite IDE.


Choose the right UI components

Use ready-made Bulma components from the multipurpose library grouped into 20 most frequently used categories:.


Customize Bulma styles

We have 460 Bulma variables in thematically connected categories to allow you to work effectively.

Bulma styles panel

Download source code

Bulma Builder provides sources for the tools developers know and love. When you select the appropriate components and Bulma settings, you can download source files in order to e.g. start combining front-end with back-end.

Bulma logo

Bulma 0.9.0

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This isn't our first editor for popular CSS Framework***.

We've based the builder interface on a proven technology used by Bootstrap Shuffle.

*** That's why all Bulma Builder users automatically get access to Bootstrap Shuffle for FREE.

Video: Create a new Bulma template in minutes.

Watch Bulma Builder in action.

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Time is precious.

Working on web projects without frustration is priceless.

Easy to use

We know how valuable developers' time is. This is why we worked hard on the development of a tool that would be easy to use and which you could make use of without the need for any training.

Components library

Build templates from hundreds of components grouped into 20 most frequently used categories including navigations, headers and more. Choose the right components and focus on the details.

Online Sass compilation

Bulma 0.9.0 provides a lot of configuration options. Our customizer panel displays these options in thematically connected categories and it will allow you to use them effectively.

Convenient pickers

All types of settings include an interface for a quicker implementation of values (color picker, Google Fonts autosuggest, shadow builder, etc.). All for your convenience!

Live edit

When changing the settings in customizer panel, the SCSS code is compiled in real time, and you can follow the changes live.

Shareable preview

You can share the prepared project with other team members to review, or you can use a link to check the project on mobile devices.

Exportable sources

Bulma Builder is a tool for developers. Our goal is to speed up your work. You can download source files in order to e.g. start combining front-end with back-end.

Pure Bulma

We do not use any external dependencies. Bulma CSS framework doesn't provide any JavaScript, so it integrates in any JS environment (e.g. Vue, React, Angular).

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#1 Premium Bundle

Too often developers don't have time to implement their designs perfectly.

That's why we have built an editor that will help you move faster from building a layout to the refining stage so that you can have time to work on the details.

The easiest way to create beautiful Bulma templates


The selected plan includes lifetime access to Bootstrap Shuffle, Tailwind Builder, and Material Builder.

A lifetime license is best for those who create several projects per year.

Buy a Lifetime License

Save unlimited projects for later.
170+ ready-made UI components.
NEW Works with Bulma 0.9.0 (Released on June 8, 2020).
Free updates with new UI kits and styles.
Access to Bootstrap Shuffle, Tailwind Builder, and Material Builder without additional costs (worth $297).

What's new?

* We link to relevant posts from the Bootstrap Shuffle blog.

Hey! 👋

I'm Dawid, Founder & CEO here at

It's almost two years since we started the first visual editor, and we already have four of them. We launched Bootstrap Shuffle on December 1st, 2018.

Before then, I worked in digital agencies for many years. I learned that it's almost always the case that the initial 50-80% of the work time goes smoothly. Everyone is absolutely sure they'll be able to deliver a flawless project on time.

This stems from the fact that we're handling the simplest issues first, ones we've dealt with before.

That's why we develop our visual editors.

We will help you significantly trim down the time needed to handle repeatable tasks (building the layout, setting styles), which in turn allows you to move faster on to the more difficult issues (animations, interactions, or back-end integration).

Our next big step is merging editors into one product: We will do it on December 1st.

We believe that we can deliver more value developing one powerful visual editor.

You can use our editors as usual before the date. We will migrate all accounts and projects.

With best regards,

Questions? [email protected] or @kemyd.


We'll merge our editors into one product ( on December 1st. positioning

Our goals:

  • Faster development of new features (including Vue and Angular export).
  • One place for documentation, tutorials, and videos.
  • Strong community around the brand so that we can collect and process feedback faster.
  • A marketplace for creators to share their templates and design systems.

We will migrate all accounts and projects.

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